Item number: MK15035

Silikonform til sukker, chokolade, marcipan og fondant

Use this silicone mold to make figures from any material such as

- Chocolate

- Marzipan

- gumpaste

- Sugar

- Isomalt

- cream

and much more. They are heat-resistant and freeze-proof. Boiling sugar can therefore also be poured in without any problems. The molds can also be filled with cream and frozen in order to be able to loosen the cream figures. You can then make up the marzipan figures. Our water-soluble food colors are best suited for this. You can brush the figures with glitter powder as an eye-catcher. There are no limits to your imagination. Thanks to their excellent non-stick properties, the molds can be reused as often as you like. Excellent for making motif cakes.

Dimensions of the form:

190mm length

120mm width

Packing dimensions:


Product weight:


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